The Church as Moral Guide and Light for the Nations

In preparation for our annual conference on Building a Culture of Life and Dignity, we invite all Catholic thinkers & doers to share proposals for practical action in building the voice of the Church in society with clarity, gentleness and joy. To announce the Church’s role in addressing social ills, we must be equipped to guide not only the committed faithful, but also the many souls searching for truth at and beyond the peripheries of our faith.

To do this, we must promote understanding and the attractive witness of our faith rather than judgment and division.

We seek proposals directed to:

  • Life in the family
  • Life in the parish
  • Catholic education – public, private, and at home
  • Witness in the public square

We encourage proposals that emphasize the practical rathr than the formal.  Authors of selected proposals will be invited to present their ideas at the Institute’s annual conference on November 11, 2023.  Presentations would be expected to last approximately 10 minutes each.

Deadline for submission of proposals is September 1, 2023.